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Please note we are not taking orders on line at present. Some of the products in our on-line store are out dated and others will have different prices. Please do feel free to call us on 01926 337756 during office hours and we will do our upmost to help you over the phone. 

Dosing Equipment

  1. Floating Chlorine Dispenser

    Used for reducing Chlorine levels in swimming pools and spas. Active ingredient: Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate... Read more
  2. Analyt Compact Free Chlorine / PH

    Complete measuring andregulating system for chlorine and pH The Compact Controller is a measuringand regulating device for chlorineand pH measurement mounted on abase plate. It is ready for connectionincluding inductive throughfl owmonitoring. Computer communicationis possible with software, connec... Read more
  3. Pool Relax Oxygen Dosing & PH Controller

    As the name suggests, this new device is a great help for maintaining pool water. Pool Relax does all the pH measurement and regulation, disinfects the water and ensures that the correct dosage of care product is introduced into the pool. Once installed, the customer hardly has to do anything at all... Read more
  4. Sani-King 740 Bromine in-line feeder for Spas

    Accurate and Automatic The Sani King Spa Feeder is the only automatic chemical feeder designed especially for spas and hot tubs. The Sani King Spa Feeder responds to the conditions of your spa. You set it once - then forget it! Adjustable The calibrations on the Sani King Spa Feeder make it po... Read more
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