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Analyt Compact Free Chlorine / PH

Analyt Compact Free Chlorine / PH

Analyt Compact Free Chlorine / PH

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Quick Overview

Complete measuring andregulating system for chlorine and pH

The Compact Controller is a measuringand regulating device for chlorineand pH measurement mounted on abase plate. It is ready for connectionincluding inductive throughfl owmonitoring. Computer communicationis possible with software, connectingcable and converter.


The compact Controller combines the highest technological standard with optimum comfort. You can use the cross keys with its 5 function keys to call up all the information on the display. Easy to USe High Quality Safety without Compromise Power Savings Computer Ready

Compact Controller - Automatic watermaintenance of the highest standardMicroprocessor-controlled measuring and regulating systemfor the automatic purifi cation of swimming pool water.The Compact Controller combinesthe highest technological standardwith optimum comfort.You can use the cross keyswith its 5 function keys to callup all information on the clearilluminated display. The settingparameters are displayed in cleartext and you can choose from English, German, French, Italian,Spanish, Russian, Polish and Greek. The menu is well-structuredand the system is easy to use and to understand. In addition, helpmenus can be called up from any point in the menu which will helpyou with any problems.

Easy to use

The menu is clear and can be operatedwith just 5 keys.

High quality

Manufactured to the highest technologicalstandard and exemplary quality for allcomponents, to ensure long service life.

Safety without compromise

A completely new processor guaranteesmaximum safety.

Eliminates electrical interference

Optical separation of fl ow inputs, level outputsand power inputs, thus increasing operatingsafety even further and electrical interferencecannot penetrate.

Power savings

The illuminated display is switched off 15minutes after the last key is pressed. Thistechnology reduces the system’s powerconsumption by 70%.

Exact function guaranteed

The current dose is always indicated as apercentage of the maximum dose.

Password protected

In order to protect the system fromunauthorised operation, the service levelis protected with a password.

Computer ready

The Compact Controller is ready forconnection to a computer. If required, theWINDOWS communications program canbe connected (optional extra).Measurements can then be displayed andrecorded graphically.

 Maximum safety

The effi cient processor and its entireenvironment are designed to the lateststandards and provide you with maximumsafety. The device is robust and high qualityand is fi tted with an RS 485.The measurements are taken byanalogue measurement amplifi ers andfi nally digitised in the central processor. Anyfurther signal processing and regulating isdone completely digitally.

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