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Please note we are not taking orders on line at present. Some of the products in our on-line store are out dated and others will have different prices. Please do feel free to call us on 01926 337756 during office hours and we will do our upmost to help you over the phone. 


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  1. Bayrol Chloriklar 1KG

    Bayrol Chloriklar are fast dissolving trichlorisyocyanic-acid-based chlorine tablets (20 g) with high active chlorine content for additional and rapid disinfection. Especially suitable for shock chlorination of algae-infected swimming pools or turbid water. Lime free, pH-neutral.... Read more
  2. Bayrol MiniLong 5.0 KG

    Regular Price: £75.95

    Special Price £71.80

    As low as: £67.35
    Contains 250 20g Bayrol Minilong Tablets (5kg) - Usage - 3 to 4 tablets per week per 10m3 pool water. Expect 1 5kg carton to last for around 6 months for a 30m3 pool.... Read more
  3. Bayrol MiniLong 1.0 KG

    Regular Price: £19.60

    Special Price £18.20

    As low as: £16.90
    ... Read more
  4. Bayrol Complete 4.48kg (16 sachets) for 20m3 pools

    Regular Price: £55.00

    Special Price £53.40

    As low as: £49.18
    Bayrol Complete is a double sachet contaning multifunctional chlorine granules mixed with algaecide... Read more
  5. Bayrol Chlorilong 250g - 5kg

    Regular Price: £73.30

    Special Price £69.20

    As low as: £64.90
    Bayrol Chlorilong are fast dissolving, stabilised chlorine microballs made of dichlorisocyanuric acid with a very high chlorine content.  Residue free. pH neutral. Calcium free Ideal for fast, effective disinfection ... Read more
  6. Bayrol Chlorifix - 1kg

    Regular Price: £15.40

    Special Price £13.95

    As low as: £12.90
    Bayroplus Spa 1 Litre Liquid activator for increasing the disinfection effect of Bayroklar SPA.... Read more
  7. Bayrol Varitab 2 layer 300g Tablets 5.4kg

    Regular Price: £64.80

    Special Price £61.70

    As low as: £59.45
    Bayrol Varitab provides a complete care for swimming pools of up to 30 cubic metres  that use sand filters. Three functions in one package:Continuous disinfection with slow dissolving chlorine, algae prevention (foam-free), and turbidity removal flocculation agent. Package size : 5.4 kg boxed ... Read more
  8. Floating Chlorine Dispenser

    Used for reducing Chlorine levels in swimming pools and spas. Active ingredient: Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate... Read more
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