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Water Testing

At least once a week, the swimming pool water needs to be tested to ensure certain levels of pool chemicals. This is most conveniently done after backwashing the filter.
A balanced swimming pool really only needs to have the pH and chlorine levels checked and corrected on a regular basis, the other chemical values being measured less frequently.

A good pool test kit is a must - preferably one that uses tablets rather than liquid drops. Expired tablets/ test liquids (reagents) should be thrown out as they very often give inaccurate readings, resulting in us pouring unnecessary (expensive) chemicals into our swimming pools. Always keep the test kit in a cool dry place out of the sun and out of the reach of children.

When testing the pool water, rinse the cells of your test kit thoroughly before filling them with water from at least 20-30 cm below the surface of the swimming pool. When you're finished the tests, never empty the test solution back into the swimming pool.

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