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Please note we are not taking orders on line at present. Some of the products in our on-line store are out dated and others will have different prices. Please do feel free to call us on 01926 337756 during office hours and we will do our upmost to help you over the phone. 

Spa Chemicals

We specialise in Bayrol and Fi-clor premium spa range. Fi-Clor offers a comprehensive range of high quality products for your spa. Bayrol has a very strong presence in mainland Europe. Both chemical ranges are of exceptional quality and whilst they will be more expensive than other brands you will normally find the concentration is far greater in these chemicals, resulting in much longer lasting spa chemicals. Read our comprehensive guide on dosing your spa here

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  1. 3 Way Water Test Strips x50

    Easy to use single dip tests. Test for Total Alkalinity, Free Chlorine and pH 50 test strips... Read more
  2. Bayrol MiniLong 5.0 KG

    Regular Price: £75.95

    Special Price £71.80

    As low as: £67.35
    Contains 250 20g Bayrol Minilong Tablets (5kg) - Usage - 3 to 4 tablets per week per 10m3 pool water. Expect 1 5kg carton to last for around 6 months for a 30m3 pool.... Read more
  3. Bayrol Superklar 0.5 litres -Super Concentrated for Clear Spa's

    Regular Price: £21.90

    Special Price £19.95

    As low as: £18.75
    With new super concentrated SuperKlar, you can remove cludiness in spa's and whirlpools by making it easier to filter out the finely distributed materials that cause such clouding ensuring crystal clear water.  The water clearing effect also improves the performance of the filter at the same t... Read more
  4. Bayrol Bayroplus Spa 1 Litre (Active Oxygen ACTIVATOR)

    Regular Price: £22.85

    Special Price £19.95

    As low as: £16.93
    Active Oxygen is a tried and tested alternative method of keeping your spa safe and clean without using halogen based sanitisers such as Chlorine or Bromine. Bayrol is really simple to use by introducing 1 cap of Bayroplus liquid per week then adding a Bayroklar tablet 15 minutes before each spa use... Read more
  5. Bayrol MiniLong 1.0 KG

    Regular Price: £19.60

    Special Price £18.20

    As low as: £16.90
    ... Read more
  6. Bayrol Spatime (Bayroklar Spa) Active Oxygen 1kg

    Regular Price: £19.75

    Special Price £18.92

    As low as: £17.56
    Quickly dissolving active oxygen tablets (10g) for chlorine free disinfection. Bayrol Bayroklar Spa is great for spas and small pools   ... Read more
  7. Sparkle Clarifier Tablets 500g by Swimfresh

    Ideal for use in swimming pools and spas to help produce clearer water. ... Read more
  8. Sunspot Sparkle Super Water Clarifier

    Super Water Clarifier 500ml Clarifeies and brightens spa water. Double concentrate - use only 12ml at a time!... Read more
  9. Spa Cartridge Cleaner

    Slow-dissolving bromine tablets (20 g) for enduring and additional disinfection, for all degrees of water hardness. Bromine is gentle water care with hardly any smell. Always use biocides safely. Always read labels and product information carefully before use. ... Read more
  10. Bayrol Aquabrome 5kg

    Regular Price: £66.25

    Special Price £58.25

    5kg Aquabrome Tablets. A highly effective sanitisier for swimming pools. It keeps water sparkilng and clean... Read more
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